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From, “The Joy of Being a Host Family” featuring Falmouth Commodores own, Bob & Donna Curtis!

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Linda Peters, Falmouth Commodores Host Family Committee and Fan Relations Director was interviewed by Queen Banda of Falmouth Community TV (FCTV) about being a host family for Commodores’ players. This interview was aired on FCTV Falmouth in Focus originally on May 5, 2023.

The Commodores would like to thank interns David Lauterbach (2013 & 2014) and Gabby Lucivero (2013) for their production of the video, and players Chad Bettis (2018) Andrew Heaney (2011), Kevin Cron (2013), Kevin Newman (2013 & 2014) for appearing.

It will be a summer to remember!
You will create a lifelong bond and great
family memories for a lifetime.

The Falmouth Commodores are very grateful to the wonderful families that host our players each year. Hosting a Cape League player can be very rewarding. Players connect and bond with the families, often forming lifelong relationships.

To be a Falmouth Commodores player host family you will need to be able to provide a bedroom, access to a washer/dryer and have some food in the refrigerator (although most players love to eat with the family if you are cooking)! Host families receive a weekly allowance from the Falmouth Commodores to help cover player expenses. Host families are NOT required to provide transportation to players.

Please remember that every Commodores player is bound and governed by NCAA rules and regulations, in order to maintain their collegiate athletic eligibility.

If you are interested in hosting a Falmouth Commodores player for the summer, contact our Housing Coordinator at: or complete the form below by clicking on this link: Become a Host Family

2022 Host Families & Players

Josiah Cromwick, catcher from Oregon (U of) hosted by the Frostholm family.
Chase Jeter, pitcher from Sacred Heart U and Philip Abner, pitcher from Florida (U of), hosted by the Barksdale family.
Joshua Roberge, pitcher from Southern New Hampshire U, and Matthew Bohnert, pitcher from Lipscomb (U), hosted by the Cloonan family.
Jace Bohrofen, outfielder from Arkansas Fayetteville (U of), Peyton Stovall, infielder from Arkansas (U of), and Anthony Mackenzie infielder from Sam Houston State U, hosted by the Griesbauer family.
Kaleb Corbett, pitcher from Louisville (U of), hosted by the Curtis family.
Nolan Morr, pitcher from Lafayette College, and Corey Collins, catcher from Georgia (U of), hosted by the Gross/Turner family.
Andrew Pinckney, outfielder from Alabama Tuscaloosa (U of), hosted by the Kapulka family.
Jacob Walsh, infielder from Oregon (U of), hosted by the Lynch family.
Garrett Coe, pitcher from Connecticut (U of), hosted by the Mancinelli family.
Tafton Hensley, outfielder from Oregon (U of), and Will Johnston, pitcher from Texas A&M U, hosted by the Banks/Mazarski.
Luke Malone, pitcher from Texas San Antonia (U of), hosted by the Miller family.
George Arias, pitcher from Arizona (U of), and Colby Halter, infielder from Florida (U of), hosted by the Peruzzi family.
Brayden Matthews, pitcher from Walters State CC, and Josh Stewart, pitcher from Texas Austin (U of), hosted by the Ross family.
AJ Causey, pitcher from Jacksonville St U, Gabe Gross – General Manager Intern (Bucknell U), and Evan Harmon, pitcher from Central Arizona Col, hosted by the Zmuda family.
Drew Brutcher, outfielder from South Florida (U of), hosted by the Lucivero family.