Intern Program Application Info and Position Duties

The Falmouth Commodores Volunteer Intern Program is a great way for college level students to explore new adventures as they gain and enjoy life experiences while learning how the nation’s top amateur baseball league operates. From a sun-​splashed day to a cool foggy night, students will become an integral part of the Falmouth Commodores operations and success, as they work alongside each other in such areas as broadcasting, baseball operations, marketing, fundraising, human resources and management, communications, public relations and journalism.

We are in search of highly competitive, highly motivated individuals who have a strong interest in the field of sports broadcasting, baseball management and public relation opportunities.

Interns must provide their own housing and transportation to and from the field. Housing on Cape Cod can be scarce and expensive. Internships are all-​volunteer, non-​paid positions, and most interns seek employment while here for the summer. Once housing and jobs are filled for players and coaches, housing and job opportunities may present themselves from time to time.

It is critical that interns who are accepted begin housing and job searches by late winter or early spring. Preference will be given to interns who have secured housing and jobs prior to applying for internship.

Internships may possibly be approved for college credits. It is the responsibility of the applying intern to check with their university.


  • Interns report during the first week of June, and work through mid August.
  • Interns must be available for all home games and some interns are required to  be at both home and away games. Interns report to the field one and one-​half (1-1⁄2) hours before the game, and remain until all post game duties are fulfilled. Your employment must not interfere with your internship commitment.


  • Internship Job Descriptions:

      • Clinic & Corporate Events Interns (2 positions) — Admin & Event Management Interns — short form — posting
      • Media Interns — Job Descriptions and contact info for all media positions:
        • Play-​by-​Play Broadcasting (2 positions)
        • Sideline Reporter (1 position)
        • Web Reporter/​Journalist (1 position)
        • Videographer (1 position)
        • Photographer (1 position)
        • Producer (1 position)
        • Social Media & Graphic Designer (1 position)
      • Game Day Operations Interns —  Job Descriptions and contact info for all game day operations positions
        • Game Day Operations (7–8 positions)
        • Public Address Announcer & Scoreboard (1 position)
        • Lead Game Day Operations (1 position)
      • Baseball Operations — Job Description for GM Interns and Scouting Interns

The Falmouth Commodores and the Cape Cod Baseball League are nationally recognized as highly respected organizations not only locally, but nationally as well. You are expected to carry yourself in an appropriate and professional manner at all times, and failure to do so could lead to dismissal.

RESUME SUBMISSIONS: Limited internships still available (see other link under ‘Internships’ for positions still open. Interviews will be conducted on a case-​by-​case basis because of school commitments and travel constraints. The website will be adjusted as the positions are filled. Internships fill quickly, and applicants are urged to apply early.

Any general questions on internships are directed to the following people:

Media/​Broadcasting: Rob Kauffman at
Game Day Operations: Deb Brocklebank at

Baseball Operations: Chris Fitzgerald at
Clinic & Corporate Event Management: Linda Peters at