Board of Directors and Committee Chairs


President – Mark Kasprzyk
Vice President – Linda Peters
Vice President — Rob Gillis
Treasurer – Steve Brocklebank
General Manager – Eric Zmuda
Secretary – Donna Curtis

Board of Directors:

Legal Consultants



Thomas H. Souza, Esq.
143 Palmer Ave., Suite 2
Falmouth, MA 02540
(508) 540‑0010





Geoff Nickerson
156 Locust Street
Falmouth, MA 02540
(508) 548‑8255



Committees Chair, Co-​Chairs /​ Primary Contact
Bylaws Karen Trait-O’Malley
Clothing and Merchandise Cathy Uhl
Community Relations Sean Gallagher
Fundraising /​ Development Bob Curtis
Fuller Field Project Mark Kasprzyk
Game Day Operations
·       Bat Boys /​ Bat Girls Lisa Zmuda
·       First Pitch /​ Events Steve Brocklebank
·       Concessions Steve Brocklebank
·       Gate Gary Rabesa
·       Master Calendar Deb Brocklebank
·       National Anthem Deb Brocklebank
·       Parking Eric Zmuda
·       Photography Mark Kasprzyk
·       Volunteers Linda Peters
Golf Tournament Rob Gillis
Historian /​ Hall of Fame Al Irish
Housing /​ Jobs Donna Curtis
·       Broadcast Interns Phil Bruce
·       Field Interns Deb Brocklebank
·       Fundraising Interns Bob Curtis
·       GM Interns /​ Scouting Eric Zmuda
·       Medical Laura Murphy
Medical Donald O’Malley /​ Karen Trait-O’Malley
Membership (Board) Krissy Frustaci-​Ruzzo
Scholarship Sean Gallagher
Website /​ Internet Linda Peters /​ Eric Zmuda
Youth Clinics /​ Kids Club Linda Peters /​ Deb Brocklebank